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Governor John Kasich Speaks at Event

A Welcome Message from Governor John R. Kasich

The veterans of our Armed Forces deserve our deepest thanks for the sacrifices they've made for our freedom. We also know that veterans are a precious resource and can help Ohio, whether they're coming back or making a new home in our state. 

Returning veterans are understandably focused on finding jobs - but it's not just about jobs, it's about career opportunities. The Armed Forces train more people in more sophisticated ways than probably any other organization in the world. That training, combined with the discipline and leadership skills common to any military specialty, has prepared veterans for many of Ohio's most in-demand jobs. Every day, more employers are stepping up to hire returning service men and women. 

If a veteran wants to get a professional license, we're changing state policies to make that easier. If you've taken care of soldiers on the battlefield, you should be able to take care of your neighbors at home. Or if you've driven a truck from Kabul to Kandahar, I think you've earned the right to drive a truck from Cleveland to Columbus. 

Veterans who want to earn a college degree deserve credit for the military training, experience and coursework they've received in service. Our public colleges and universities are working to streamline the credit-granting process, so that what veterans have already done can serve to get them through college faster and on to work. 

We're a state that values veterans. We want you, our military men and women to come home and begin the next chapter of your life here - and bring your fellow veterans, too.

Ohio Governor John R. Kasich

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